What is Simplifi Stay

Simplifi Stay is a enterprise grade solution for Property Managers and Vacation Rental professionals alike.  This product combines our solution(s) into the below intended use case.

Simplifi Connect

  • LTE Failover for continued Internet usage 
  • Custom, Branded Captive portal so you can gather all lead activity, not just the registered guest  
  • Ability to remotely view, edit and manage your internet solution(s) for your guests without sending a tech to the location

Simplifi Contact 

  • BOH and FOH telephony solution for your business and/or guests 
  • Custom call flows based on call path
  • Telephony tools for voice, chat, ticketing, call center compatible for both desk phones, computer we dialers and softphone solutions.  

Simplifi Control 

  • Ability to customize and configure IOT devices into the one pane of glass 
  • Ability to view/edit/manage connected IOT devices remotely without sending a tech 

Third Party configurations

  • bring in your Property Management System into your telephony solution, remove the unnecessary duplication of data