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Simplifi Contact - What is Find Me Follow Me (FMFM)?

Find Me Follow Me (FMFM) is an advanced call feature that is enabled on the user level. This feature allows users to customize a ring strategy for their assigned devices. Inherently, all of a users' assigned devices will all ring at the same time when a call is routed to their extension. FMFM allows users to set ring strategy for their devices. They cant adjust the ring time of their devices and the order in which a device is rung.

Example: The receptionist (ext.100) takes all incoming calls for the company and have a desk phone, as well as a Simplifi Scout mobile app assigned to their user to make/receive calls. The receptionist is always running around the office doing odd jobs and wants calls to ring for 15 seconds on the desk phone before rolling over to the mobile app for 15 seconds. FMFM allows this to occur.