The web GUI won’t accept my password -or- my password isn’t working in the web GUI

If your trying to enter your password into the web GUI and your unable to login, typically this is due to one of two issues.  You can reference your password on the back of the device or on the label located on the side of the box.

  1. The password your entering is incorrect
    1. The password is case sensitive, please ensure your entering capital letters when a letter is used 
    2. There are no letter O’s, only number zero’s.  Ensure you are entering a zero where you see a O in the password
  2. The GUI password was changed by another person or was previously changed
    1. This is common in some IT configurations, please check with your IT, Network or company support person to help. 

If you can’t access or remember your password and as a last result, please send a email to or use the chat window asking for your password to be reset.  When making this request, please provide the device IMEI number found on the back of the unit or on the label on the side of the box.