Simplifi Contact (Scout) - Presence Groups


With Presence Groups, you are able to view

the live status of any user in your organization!

This feature enables you to take not only your

business telephone number with you, but it

allows you to have the same kind of visibility

that would be available from the office!


Setting up a group is very easy, as you can

see below. Simply choose the Add Group

icon, give a name to the group, search for

and select users, then hit save!




The phone icon next to a user will

display a color indicator to let you know

if that user is available or busy. Don’t

forget to select the correct group!

Green: This user is available to receive

a call.

Yellow: This user’s phone is currently

ringing, or they are in the process of

sending a call.

Red: This user is actively on a call.

Trying to engage them by pressing the

phone icon will prompt you to verify

that you would like to send this call,

even though the user is busy.