Simplifi Contact (Scout) Find Me Follow Me (FMFM)


The Find Me Follow Me (FMFM) feature, is one of the most useful features of the

Scout app. This feature allows you to control when each of your phones will ring.

You may have a phone at your desk, a phone at home, and this app. Using the

FMFM feature, you can control exactly when each device will ring, duration of ring,

ring order, and what to do if you do not answer. You can even set Time of Day (Time

Routing) settings to gain even more control!




Here the user has decided that during Business hours, he would like his calls to ring

on the app for 15 seconds and ring their desk phone for 15 seconds. Once the Time

Routing toggle is switched on, there will be an “Outside Timeframe” option that will

appear. This setting defines where to send calls to this user outside of the selected




In the example to the below we can see that the timeframe starts at 9 am, and ends at

5 pm. By default, Saturday and Sunday will automatically be selected for Outside,

but this is entirely adjustable. This means that on the days that have the toggle

enabled (set to ‘Inside’), the devices will ring as configured between the selected

hours only.

If this user is called on a day with the toggle disabled (set to ‘Outside’), or the call

time falls outside the defined hours on days where the toggle is enabled, the call will

be sent to the “Outside Timeframe” route.

Every part of this can be configured by you to fit your needs!

Note: If you have multiple devices assigned to you and the FMFM feature is not

turned on, all devices will ring simultaneously when your extension is dialed