Simplifi Contact (Scout) - Accessing the Platform

This article shows how to download and log into the Simplifi Scout mobile app

Download the Application on your smartphone


If you are searching for the Simplifi Scout app on your smartphone in the Apple app store or Google Play store, please search for the full name 'Simplifi Scout'.

Sometimes the application does not display when just searching for just 'Simplifi' or 'Scout'

Log into the Application

  • Locate the 'Simplifi Scout - mobile app enabled' email (There will be a QR code attachment)
      • If you are accessing this email on your computer:
          • Open the QR Code attachment on your computer and keep it open
      • If you are accessing this email on the phone you are logging into Scout on:
          • Open the QR Code attachment on your phone
          • Click and long hold the QR Code
          • Save the image to your phone's camera roll when prompted
  • Navigate to the Simplifi Scout login screen
  • Select the QR Code button (this will open up your phones camera)
      • If you have the QR Code attachment on your computer screen:
          • Use your phone's camera to scan the QR Code to log in
      • If you saved the QR code to your phone's camera roll:
          • Click the button to access your phone's camera roll
          • Select the saved photo of your QR Code to log in
  • Allow all permissions to the Scout application 
  • Start making and receiving calls for your user once your Simplifi Contact account is active


If your user has access to the Simplifi Core dashboard for your account, your login username and password will also log you into the Simplifi Scout mobile app for your user. Not all users have access to Simplifi Core.


The QR Code attachment in this email is one-time use only. If you need another QR code sent to you for login, your account administrator can issue a new QR code using the instructions in this article Simplifi Contact (Core) - New Simplifi Scout QR Code

For additional assistance, please contact 


Each Simplifi user only has access to 1 Simplifi Scout mobile application. Do NOT log into Simplifi Scout for your user on multiple devices as it will cause issues with service for that user.