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Simplifi Remote Management Portal - Asset Details

The Asset Details Page allows you to view more details of a particular asset/device. At the top right you can see the devices location on the map with details of last reported device location. You can see the device name/IMEI, connection status, location information, hardware version info, RSSI levels (if connected), firmware level, WiFi status, and SSID in the cluster of information located under the asset/device list.

On the right under the map you can see information over time for RSSI levels and data usage. The bottom most section of this page shows you pie charts for duration of alarm states for the past 7 days.

On the left-most pie chart you can see RSSI alarms, failover status, and WWAN status durations. The right most cluster on the bottom right displays current alarm status for data usage, RSSI alarm state, failover status, and WWAN status.

The data usage is based upon current data usage compared to your monthly data limit. The button at the bottom right allows you to see more details of the displayed asset and make changes (dependent upon your permissions).