Simplifi Core- Updating Outbound Caller ID

WHAT IS CALLER ID NAME STORAGE?                                            

Outbound caller ID name is commonly referred to as “CNam storage” or outbound Caller ID. This process is not handled as one might expect in that the name is not passed on outbound calls. Instead, records (names) associated with telephone numbers are stored in a database. When a call is received from that number, a lookup is done to this database to retrieve and display the

associated record. While it is possible to pass a name in the SIP Header in the From field, this information is irrelevant in effectively displaying the correct name on the receiving side of the call.

It is important to note that displaying Caller ID is the responsibility of the receiving phone company.

EXAMPLE: if you call a Simplifi Contact DID, it is the responsibility of Simplifi to accurately display the correct record. Similarly, if you call a Verizon number, it is Verizon’s responsibility to display the correct information. It is common practice among phone

companies to cache Caller ID information. This means you may have differing results calling different destinations. The only way to correct a record you believe is incorrect is to open a ticket with the company receiving the call.

Assume as an example that you have CNam Storage set up for DID 5553334444 as XYZ COMPANY. When you place a call with the Caller ID set as 5553334444, the receiving company grabs the telephone number from the SIP Header From field and should display XYZ COMPANY but instead displays JOHN DOE. The first thing you should do is:


                           UPDATING CALLER ID NAME


Login to your Core portal

Click VoIP

Click Phone Numbers

From the Phone Number list view, you can see all of the accounts caller ID name storage currently set

Set the caller ID name and click SAVE.

Upon receiving your CNAM update, our NOC will verify the information you provide by confirming the record is stored in our database and has been pushed to our CNam Storage vendor.

STILL, SEEING AN INCORRECT CALLER ID NAME?                                                                                                                                                                                                     

If we confirm the information has been successfully pushed to our vendor, we then check our own dip vendor and verify if they are displaying the correct information. If both our CNam Storage and CNam Dip (which are separate entities) verify the correct

information, you will need to contact the receiving phone company performing the dip. Note that even companies that cache this information typically set an expiration on the cache although we cannot say with certainty when that will be. Even if you report five separate phone companies displaying incorrect information, if we verify with our CNam Storage vendor and CNam Dip vendor that the information is correct, we are unable to assist with getting those five companies to display it correctly. Our suggestion is to open a ticket with one company doing it wrong and monitor. Our experience has been that once one corrects it, the others shortly follow suit.