Simplifi Core - Create a Menu (Auto-Attendant)

Within the Simplifi Core dashboard, administrators have the ability to change the routing of any phone number in the account. One of the many ways to route calls is using a menu (Auto Attendant)

  • Under the VOIP section in Simplifi Core, select ‘Menu’ from the left side list
  • Select ‘+ Menu’ in the top right corner

  • Type a name for this Menu in the text box
  • Decide how you will be providing your audio message for this menu
    • Add New – upload an audio file to play when callers reach this menu
    • Use Existing – select an previously uploaded audio file from the ‘Media’ section
    • Record Over Phone – dial into this menu and input the designated PIN Number to record yourself over the phone
  • Select a Button Configuration that matches the audio message you will have for this menu
  • Click ‘Save’ at the bottom to save these changes

** You must build the Group, Menu, Time of Day Routing, etc. in the corresponding section first for it to appear as an option for call routing for the button configuration in the Menu. (i.e. you must build the ‘Sales Group” under groups before being able to route calls to the ‘Sales Group’ **