Simplifi Contact - Virtual Fax Instructions

Use these 3 easy steps to send a virtual fax using an email address allowed to send from your account.

  1. Open up a new outbound email.
  2. Set the TO Email address using the format of ""
    1. To clarify that, an example would be To:
    2. See TIP below for information on your fax domain
  3. Add an attachment. Only the email attachment will be sent as the fax; nothing that is sent in the message body will be transmitted.
    1. You may only attach one file at a time.
    2. Allowed attachment formats are:
      1. PDF
      2. TIFF
      3. Word
      4. Excel
      5. Powerpoint
      6. Any doc types of vnd.openxmlfomarts-officedocument Application/vnd.oasis.opendocument


The fax box domain ( can be found within Simplifi Core account (VOIP > Fax Box)


To be able to send faxes using the above instructions, your email address must be added to the Fax Box within Simplifi Core account in the 'Allowed Senders' field. (VOIP > Fax Box > Allowed Senders)