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Simplifi Contact - Platforms (Core, Scout, Station)

A brief description of the platforms that make up Simplifi Contact

Simplifi Core - this is our account dashboard where administrators can view/change various items associated with your account's call flow, financials and call reports. Not all users have access to this platform.
  • You will have to go through the password setting process outlined in new user email.
  • The username and password you set for this platform will also log you into the Simplifi Scout mobile app, but will not log you into Simplifi Station computer application.
  • If you change your password for Simplifi Station, it will not change the passwords for Core or Scout. They are separate instances.
Simplifi Scout- This is our smartphone app that can be used on any mobile device.
  • To log into this application, you will scan the QR code attached to the mobile app email you are sent. If your user has access to Simplifi Core, those credentials will also log you into your Scout app.
  • Only 1 Scout app can be used with each user.
  • For more information on how to access Simplifi Scout, please view article Simplifi Contact (Scout) - Accessing the Platform
Simplifi Station - This is our web phone and collaboration tools application for computers.
  • The only way to access this platform is through the credentials you have set for it through the Station email set up.
  • Only 1 Station application can be used with each user.
  • For more information on how to access Simplifi Station, please view article Simplifi Station - Accessing the Platform 


If you do not currently have access to one of these platforms and would like assistance getting set up, have your account administrator contact us at support@simplifi.io.