Simplifi Contact (Core, Scout, Station)

A brief description of the platforms that make up Simplifi Contact

Simplifi Core - Our administrative dashboard where users can view/change various items associated with your company call flow, financials and call reports. You will have to go through the password setting process outlined in the new user email. The username and password you set for this platform will also log you into the Simplifi Scout mobile app but will not log you into Simplifi Station computer application. If you change your password for Simplifi Station, it will not change the passwords for Core or Scout. They are separate instances.
Simplifi Scout- This is our mobile app that can be used on any smartphone. To log into this platform, you may use your Simplifi Core credentials, or you may use the temporary QR code that is sent in the Scout app enabled emails. Once you use the QR code email, the code becomes invalid, and you cannot use it again. We can issue another QR code if need be.
Simplifi Station - This is our web phone and collaboration tools application for computers. The only way to access this platform is through the credentials you have set for it through the email set up.