Simplifi Contact - Call Parking

Call Park is a feature that allows users to put a call on hold (park) on a Simplifi device, and pick that call up using any other Simplifi device on the account.

The star code for call parking is *3#. the number that is input after *3 will be the parking spot that call will utilize.


  • While on a call:
    • Select the 'transfer' button on your Simplifi device (this will place the call on hold)
    • Input the park code *31 (this will park the call in parking spot 1)
    • Select the 'transfer' button again on your Simplifi to finalize the action (this will end the call on this device)
  • On another Simplifi device for your account:
    • Place a call to *31 (this will retrieve the call from parking spot 1)