Simplifi Contact - Record a Menu Greeting over the Phone

One of the options when managing your menu is to record a new greeting over the phone.

In order to perform this action you first must first have a route to the menu. Do so by pointing a phone number directly to the menu you want to change the greeting of, or by adding an option to an existing menu that takes you to the menu you'd like to change.  

TIP 1: If you'd like to change the Open Hours menu (or any other menu linked from the Open Hours menu) dial into the Open Hours menu by calling your number during open hours, and navigating to any other menu as applicable. 

TIP 2: If you'd like to change the Closed Hours menu during open hours, you can add an option to the Open Hours menu that will take you to the Closed Hours menu (i.e. press 8 to go to the closed hours menu). 

This option does not have to be announced in the recording as long as you know it's there to press.

Once you are in the menu containing the recording you'd like to change, enter the 6 digit Prompt Record PIN for that menu.  You will then be prompted to record your new greeting.

NOTE: Each menu has a unique Prompt Record PIN.

To obtain the Prompt Record PIN for each menu, log in to Simplifi Core and navigate to VoIP, then Menus. 

Once there:

  • Click on the name of the menu you are looking to create a greeting for. 
  • On the edit menu page there is a Greeting Message section on the right hand side where you can select Record Over Phone. 
  • Once selected, you will be able to see the Prompt Record PIN for that Menu. 
    • You can also turn on Allow Outside Recording if you will be dialing n from a device that is not an extension within your network, such as a personal cell phone.