Simplifi Contact - Manual Provision a Grandstream HT series ATA

Instructions for manually entering your Simplifi SIP Server credentials in a Grandstream HT series ATA

To begin, be sure the ATA is powered on and connected to the network. If necessary, factory default the device before beginning to ensure no conflicting data will be left over. 

  • Verify the device has been added to your Simplifi Core platform by navigating to VoIP > Devices.
    • If it has not yet been added, contact a Simplifi representative or send an email to with the request to add a new device.  Be sure to include the MAC Address of the device. 
  • Plug an analog phone into port 1
  • After the unit is done booting and all the lights are green, pick up the handset and dial ***, then "02" at the menu prompt. This will give you the LAN IP address of the ATA. 
  • Navigate to that IP address using a computer that is on the same subnet as the ATA. The default password is "admin"
  • In the GUI,
    • Navigate to FXS Port 1 and enter the following information:

A) Primary SIP Server (Realm provided by Simplifi)

B) Outbound Proxy (no longer needed)

C) SIP User ID and Authenticate ID (SIP username provided by Simplifi)

D) Authenticate Password (SIP password provided by Simplifi

E) Select DNS Mode - NAPTR/SRV

    • Repeat for FXS Port 2 as required
  • Click save on the bottom and reboot the device