Simplifi Contact - Manually Reset HTTPS Fax ATA

How to factory reset an AudioCodes MP-202B Fax ATA

  1. Disconnect the MP-202B Power cable.
  2. Plug the Ethernet Cable to the WAN port on the back of the ATA and plug the other end of the ethernet into an internet-connected switch/router.
  3. Using a paper clip, press and hold the RST button located between the WAN and Power port.
  4. Plug the power cable to the back of the ATA where it shows 12VDC port.  It will take approximately 20-30 seconds.  At this point, the status light will remain red, the WAN port will continue to blink green, and the power light will stay green.  After 30 seconds, depress or release the RST pin, and all the lights at the front of the ATA device will turn red and the device will reboot.
  5. Once the device has rebooted, the Status, WAN, and Power lights will stay green.  Wait for another 30-60 seconds as it tries to get an IP from your DHCP server and it will also try to contact the provisioning server.   Approximately after 60 seconds, the phone1, phone2, WAN, Status, and power will blink 3 times and the device will reboot again.
  6. After the device has rebooted, the WAN will continue to blink green, the status light will stay red for 10-15 seconds. 
  7. Once complete, the WAN, Status, and Power light will turn green.