I am having issues with the USB Dongle / My USB to Ethernet dongle is not working.

If you're having issues with your USB to Ethernet Dongle, please check the following;

  • Ensure your device is properly inserted into the USB Port
  • Ensure your using the USB to Ethernet dongle included in the packaging.  Some Ethernet dongles are not compatible with our device.  Please contact your sales person or send an email to support@simplifi.io for access to buy another dongle.

To test if your USB Dongle is working properly, perform the following steps;

  • Plug your mainline ISP into the ethernet port on the dongle using a RJ45 Ethernet Cord
  • Plug the USB port into your Simplifi
  • Connect via WiFi or LAN to your Simplifi Device
  • Open a Internet browser and enter "http://www.speedtest.net" Verify your mainline ISP Carrier is identified to the lower left of the Go button