How to setup Simplifi with a Cyberoam device.

Simplifi with IP passthrough mode to the WAN port of Cyberoam UTM and to acquire the IP of  Internet (a public IP) and internet access. (no double NAT’ed). 

Simplifi is deployed in IP-passthrough mode
Cyberoam UTMl is deployed in Gateway Mode.
To configure WAN port follow the steps below:

  • Go to Network—Interface
  • Inside interface, you will get the list of all physical port in your firewall device.
  • For WAN Choose Port B to configure with internet IP address.
  • Click on Port B to edit the configuration.
  • Port B- Physical interface

1: Network Zone – WAN selected (if not you can select WAN from the list)
2: IP Assignment – Choose the internet type – DHCP in your case.
3: IP Address–Provided from ISP.
Netmask- Choose the netmask as per your internet settings.
4: Primary DNS: set the DNS as per your ISP or you can use google DNS –
5: Gateway Name- Provided from ISP.
Press OK button save settings.
Press the OK button again to confirm settings changes

Configure firewall for internet access - by default, Cyberoam applies 'General Internet Policy' as Internet access policy for LAN to WAN traffic. Do not change the default setting.
Note – If you’re using UTM on Virtual Machine ( Hyper V, VMware), the virtual MAC address had to match the hardware MAC in addition to the MAC address spoofing enabled. Otherwise, UTM won’t connect to WAN