How to provision your Polycom VVX desk phone.

Provisioning your Polycom VVX series desk phone for use with Simplifi Contact.

  1. Set the phone to the factory default configuration:
    1. Click the home button on the VVX Phone
    2. Navigate to Settings
    3. Click Advanced Settings (The password will be 456 or 654)
    4. Click Administration Settings
    5. Go to Reset to Defaults
    6. Click Reset Local Configuration. When asked you if you are sure, press Yes
    7. Click Reset Web Configuration. When prompted, press Yes again
    8. The last step will be to reset device settings. Again click Yes and the phone will reboot.
The phone will now be completely defaulted factory settings when it boots back up.
  1. Obtain the IP address of the Polycom Phone by plugging the phone in and pressing the home button --> Settings --> Status --> Network --> TCP/IP Parameters
    1. The IP will be listed below DHCP.
    2. Please remember if you are running firmware 5.x or higher you will need to access the web interface by https://<ip address>
    3. For example The password is 456
  2. Log into the phones web interface.
  3. Navigate to Settings --> Provisioning Server
    1. Server Type: FTP
    2. Server Address:
    3. Server User: (found in Simplifi Core > VOIP > Account Settings > PROVISIONING)
    4. Server Password: (found in Simplifi Core > VOIP > Account Settings > PROVISIONING)
  4. Click Save