How to do I submit a new menu recording (Auto Attendant, IVR - Interactive Voice Response) for my Simplifi Contact phone system?

The following directions will walk you through the process of recording the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system for your phone system. This process will require you to download a free third-party app from the internet.
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1. Download and install the Audacity app from
2. Open the Audacity app to start a new recording.
3. Press the record button (red circle) and speak clearly into the microphone.
4. When you’ve finished speaking, press the stop button (black square).
5. Click on the “File” menu at the top of the screen.
6. Click on “Export”. Then select “Export as MP3”. A prompt will appear.
7. Name the file with your name and name of your organization. For example; JaneDoeSimon.MP3.
8. Click send and save the file to a location you will remember.
9. Then attached and send the file in an email addressed to Remember to add your name and organization name to the email subject line.

You may also use the following procedures to record your greeting over the phone:

How do I Record an Auto Attendant Menu Greeting Over the Phone?