How to Create an Automated Attendant Menu

Use these steps to set up your custom Automated Attendant (Auto Attendant) menu (e.g.: Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Support).

  1. Log into your Simplifi Core dashboard (
  2. Navigate to the VOIP section
  3. Choose "Menus" from the left hand menu
    1. By default, an Open Menu and Closed Menu template have been created for you.  You may edit, rename, delete either of these.
    2. You can also choose the + ADD MENU option in the upper right to create additional menus.
  4. For this example, click the "Open Menu" template
    1. Add your prefered button configuration
    2. To add routes such as sub Menus, Groups, and Device Users, each of these must be built or exist in the system prior to selecting them here.
    1. Add your menu greeting by selecting
      1. Add New to upload the audio file from your computer
      2. Use Existing to choose a previously uploaded file
      3. Record Over Phone to dial into the menu and record the greeting over the phone
        1. To record a menu greeting over the phone, you must be in the specific menu you want to record, then enter the PIN for that menu to activate the prompts that allow you to change the recording.
    1. Edit as appropriate
  8. Click Save