How do I update the Firmware on my BS6220 Simplifi Device?

Assuming you are already logged into web GUI. If not, please refer back to "Simplifi Web GUI Basic Info" for information on how to login into your device.

  • Select the System Updates tab
  • System  Updates Screen - From this screen, you can verify firmware is the latest level and/or check and update via a Internet or USB connection.  If a available firmware is available, it would show under the Internet Update section. click "install" to download latest version. 
  • Check the checkbox to have your Simplifi device automatically download firmware as it becomes available.
  • Once "Install" is clicked, the below progress bar will fill up and your firmware will be download from the internet onto your device.
  • Once the progress bar fills up, your device will reboot and your updated firmware settings will remain.
  • Previous settings will remain, however it may be a good rule of them to verify the setup wizard just in  case.