How do I send a inbound caller to Voicemail (Caller Reject Transfer Process)?

Call “Reject” Transfer process (send caller to voicemail) – This process has 3 steps and blends the “Attended” transfer feature where you are announcing the caller to a person and the person rejects the call or asks them to be send to Voicemail thus “rejecting the transfer”
  1. Caller calls into the front desk and asks to speak to “Jon”
  2. Front Desk opens another line (this puts the caller on hold) and dials “Jon’s” extension
    1. Front Desk says to Jon that caller “xyz” is calling and Jon says Please send to Voicemail
  3. Front Desk goes back to the caller on hold and says “sorry he is unavailable I will send you to his voicemail” and presses the soft key under the word “Transfer” on the LED panel or the transfer button and then presses *extension and either the blind transfer soft key or the Green phone key

**By transferring the caller to “extension number” you are transferring the call into the extension’s voice mail