How do I self install my new desk phones with Simplifi Contact service?

This guide will walk you through the installation and testing of your new phones. Following these instructions will ensure your phones are properly connected to the network and capable of making calls. Keep in mind, if you were porting a number from another provider, that port will NOT be completed at the time you receive your phones. This is to give you time to install and test your phones. Simplifi doesn’t have any ability to change port dates or update ported numbers, please reach out to your rep or support for assistance.

Connection Method:
1. If you are connecting the phone via ethernet, you may use an existing or new cable or the ethernet cable that is included in the phone box.
2. If you are connecting via WiFi, ensure there is WiFi signal in the location where you will install the phone. You must know the network name and password.

Phone Un-boxing:
1. Remove the phone from the box and ensure you have all components including ethernet cable, handset, stand, etc. if applicable.
2. Connect the handset, phone base, and power cable. Place the phone in the location it will be used and ensure you have a power outlet, and if connecting via ethernet, adequate cable to reach the phone.

Network Connection:
1. Ethernet connections - Connect an ethernet cable to the LAN port on the back of the phone. If you only have one ethernet cable that already goes to a PC, remove that cable from the PC and connect it to the LAN port on the phone. Using the included ethernet cable or one of your own, connect the PC port on the phone to the same port on the computer where you removed the ethernet originally. This lets you share the internet connection from the phone to the computer. Connect the phone to power.
2. WiFi Connections - Insert the WiFi dongle into the back of the phone if applicable. Connect the phone to power.

1. Ethernet connections - Your phone will now power on and go through its startup process. The phone will connect to the network and update itself automatically. This takes 5-15 minutes.
2. WiFi Connections - The phone will now boot up to the main screen. Select the WiFi option from the menu, select the network you wish to use, and enter the password. The phone will register and update automatically. This process takes 5-15 minutes.

1. Once the phone is connected to the network, you are ready to test. Place an outbound call from each phone to ensure your connection is up and running.

Important Port Information:
1. If you are porting a number(s) from another carrier, you must wait for the port date to pass before that number will ring your new phones. You may want to keep your old and new phones connected during this time so you do not miss calls. Once your new phones ring for inbound calls, you can safely disconnect the old phones.