How do I reboot my device?

Rebooting of your device could refresh your device and any changed settings you have made.  While not entirely necessary, it is a good rule of them to reboot your device either manually (unplugging and re-plugging) or through the GUI.  To reboot your device using the GUI please follow below steps;

  1. Ensure you are connected to the Simplifi device either via WiFi or LAN cable
  2. Open a internet browser and enter or in the event this doesn’t work, you can enter which will work on either WiFi or LAN connection
    • Username - Simplifi
    • Password - found on the back of your device or on the label found on the packaging box
  3. Click Login > System >> Reboot
    • Click on the Perform Reboot button

Rebooting your device will cause you to lose connectivity to your network.  After you see a solid green light under the Status LED, it is recommend to reconnect to your network to enjoy continued Internet.