How do I load a restore or backup configuration ?

This is only used if you have created a restore or backup configuration.  To load a restore or backup configuration please follow below steps;
When you feel you have your Simplifi device working to your expectations or before updating firmware or changing to a new configuration, it is a good idea to create a restore point.  By doing so, you are saving all settings on your device should you ever want to revert to that same configuration. 
To create a restore point;

  1. Ensure you are connected to the Simplifi device either via WiFi or LAN cable
  2. Open a internet browser and enter or in the event this doesn’t work, you can enter which will work on either WiFi or LAN connection
    • Username - Simplifi
    • Password - found on the back of your device or on the label found on the packaging box
  3. Click Login > System >> Backup and Restore >>> Restore Backup
  4. A new box will open prompting you to locate the restore or backup .Tar file
    • Click ok
    • Click Choose File
    • Click Save

Your device will then reboot and restart using that configuration file you have loaded.  Please re-connect to your Simplifi network upon restarting

  • Please keep note of where you save this file in case you need to access later.  This will be saved onto your local computer or device and will not be accessible in the cloud unless you save it there.