How do I know if the USB to Ethernet Dongle is working properly?

The USB to Ethernet dongle is commonly used in failover applications where you would connect your existing ISP to the RJ45 port on the dongle, insert the dongle into the USB port on Simplifi and then use a LAN cord out of Simplifi into your switch.

When properly connected in the fashion noted above, the "link"  light on the dongle would light up showing power to the dongle, the ACT light will light up as data transfers from the existing ISP through the dongle. 

- If both the Link and ACT lights flash Intermittently the dongle is working correctly.  If only the Link light lights up then you have power but no data is being used from the existing ISP. 

- If no lights light up then the dongle is either not plugged in properly or isn't working.

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