How do I enable IP Passthrough on my BS6425 Gen2 unit?

Our BS6425 variant doesn't support IP Passthrough, however we do support a IP transparent configuration that will work with Edgemarc devices. 

The benefit of this approach is that the Simplifi will retain full functionality, including all Cloud functions.  So you can remotely manage the Simplifi device itself, which is not possible with IP Passthru.  The second benefit is that the Simplifi supports this configuration today.

In this mode there is technically a double-NAT, however the Simplifi is configured in such a way that the Edgemarc appears directly on the internet, without the Simplifi in front.

There are three parts:

1) The Edgemarc WAN is configured with an IP address outside of the Simplifi's DHCP pool (starts at .100) . I used Gateway and DNS is the Simplifi at

2) An all-traffic forwarding rule is added via the Firewall -> Port Forwards page:

-- Click "Add" then "Save":
-- Setup your rule by clicking edit and setting your appropriate configuration 

3) An SNAT policy is configured on the Firewall -> Traffic Rules page,  to rewrite the IP address of all outgoing traffic with the cellular IP:

--Click "Add and edit..." and then on that screen just click save, you don't need to adjust any settings.

4) Click Save

To ensure that double-NAT wasn't an issue, I configured a port forward on the Edgemarc (port 22222) to forward to my laptop on the Edgemarc LAN.  With netcat listening on my laptop I was able to connect at