How do I change the Web GUI Password on my BS6220 Simplifi Device?

Step 3 of the below setup wizard process allows you to change the password for the web GUI.  Changing this password is separate from the WiFi password and prevents unauthorized access to the device itself.  

**Assuming you are already logged into web GUI. If not, please refer back to "Simplifi Web GUI Basic Info" for information on how to login into your device.
Step 1
Ready, Set, Simplifi
Click "Setup Wizard" found in the upper left hand corner of screen
A. Click Next 

Step 2
Standard language is English, customize for different language options

  1. Click Next 

Step 3
Changing this will change the Simplifi Admin password, not the Wireless SSID password.
A. Click Next

Step 4
Network & Wireless
Here is where you configure Simplifi for the appropriate use.

  1. Wireless / Wired Firewall – This will enable or disable built in firewall protection
  2. Internet Access – This will enable or disable access to the internet for any connected devices. Disabling will prevent all internet access regardless of configuration
  3. IP Passthrough – Enabling this function disables WiFi and assigns the cellular carrier's IP address to the wired IP address.
  4. Wireless Configuration – This is where you can change your wireless SSID name and password, as well as disable WiFi or selecting a specific Wireless channel to operate within.
  5. Port Forwarding – This is where you can enable port forwarding for specific connected devices
  6. Click Next

Step 5
After finishing Steps 1~5, click Next for your device to finish and reboot

A. Click Next

Step 6
Setup Complete
After clicking Next in Step 6, this countdown timer shows and tells the user that your device is rebooting. During this time, your Status light will go from Red to Blinking Green then Solid Green indicating your device is ready to use. This window can be closed at any time. Often times you may need to reconnect to your wireless SSID once your device has a solid green light.