Simplifi Contact - Accessing Yealink Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Use the following procedures to access the web GUI for your Yealink desk phone.

From a computer on the same network as you VoIP phone, log into the phone's Web GUI:
  1. Obtain the IP address of the desk phone you are trying to access.
    1. For Yealink T3x and T4x series desk phones:
      1. Press the Menu button 
      2. Navigate to Status and press Enter
      3. Note the IPv4: __________________
    2. For Yealink W60 and W70 DECT base with cordless handsets:
      1. Click the round OK button on a handset that is paired to the base
      2. Click Status > Base
      3. Note the IPv4: __________________
  2. Enter the IP address into your computer browser to access the phone's GUI.
    1. NOTE: The computer must be connected to the same network as the phone.
  3. When prompted, enter the default Username & Password.
    1. Username: admin
    2. Password: admin (*See note)

NOTE: The default GUI password for all Yealink phones is "admin".  If your phone was previously  provisioned by Simplifi, the default password will be unique to your account.  Please contact Simplifi customer support for your account password.